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One Day

One action packed day.  Get your blood flowing early in the morning when we ride one of our five signature mountain bike loops.  There is something out here for every skill level.  After a healthy lunch, we will load up the motorcycles and our gear and head out for the most amazing dirt bike experience ever.  We will ride our dirt bikes all the way to the Wasatch mountain peaks.

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$ 339


This two day experience gives us a bit more time to enjoy the outdoor activities Salt Lake City has to offer.  On Saturday we take the mountain bikes for a 4 hour ride containing single tracks, views, technical sections, rocks, jumps, and everything one can hope for on a bicycle.  Sunday is for dirt bikes, and we will explore the high mountains riding through unforgettable terrain and locations.

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$ 589

Supercross Week

Do you want to combine visiting a Supercross with some riding yourself?  This is where it all started for us, so we are well equipped to make this a great experience for you. Start the week off in Salt Lake City, riding both motocross and mountain bike, and then travel to a city where the Supercross tour stops to see one of these impressive events.  Consider the VIP pass with Jason Thomas.

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$ 999

Tour of Utah

This is a must do for any two wheel enthusiast.  This tour of Utah starts in Salt Lake City, where we will hit a different and unique riding area each day.  Once you are warmed up, we head South to one of the most unique outdoor places in the world... to ride more. Moab simply is the best mountain biking spot in the world, but do not underestimate its unique dirt bike riding!  

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$ 1495







~ OH... WOW ~

Kenny Stoofvlees, man of few words from Lommel, Belgium

What is included in our price


Upon your arrival, we will be at the airport to pick you up and bring you to your hotel. There is no need to rent a car. Every day we will pick you up in the morning and bring you back when you're ready to go lay down. Basically, you have nothing to worry about.


We provide the dirt bikes and mountain bikes. They will be ready to go, all our equipment is well maintained. We provide the gas, entry fees, guided service and maintenance. For bigger groups, we provide 1 guide per 4 people. Just bring your gear.


Once we have picked you up, we provide all drinks and snacks you need during the day. And, lunch is taken care off. We take pride in taking really good care of our guests, and you will notice this. This is how it feels to be a pro for a day.


We are all about delivering a top notch experience to you and your friends. Don't worry about breaking a lever or scratching the plastics. Our prices are all in, and it is about having an unforgettable time and creating lasting memories.

What you have to take care of


There are multiple hotels in the neighbourhood to choose from, or you can choose one of the many Airbnb locations available. We are happy to help you with the travel accommodations for your entire trip so you can find the perfect match.

Plane Ticket

You can get here however you want, but we recommend flying into Salt Lake International Airport. Many people choose to start in Salt Lake and continue their trip on to other destinations such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or San Francisco.


As we all know, riding has its risks and we have to be cautious. We start with security briefings before every activity, the bikes are setup and checked, but this remains a hobby where injuries can occur. We require you to have proof of valid insurance before you get here.


Your gear. And if your suitcase is too small to fit everything we can definitely help you out with the extra gear we have available. If you are planning to shop for some gear we can help with that as well. Just please make sure to pack your underwear.

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Realize your own Dirtdreams!  Have you ever wanted to ride US motorcross tracks, or enjoy the freedom of riding in open space?  Have you dreamt of being a factory rider for a week?  I know I did, and I learned that in pursuing such dreams you meet great people, make friends, and because you have similar interests, those dreams can become reality.

I started realizing my own Dirtdreams on a very small scale with a group of friends in 2007.  It all started when we decided to travel from Belgium to the US to watch a Supercross Race and maybe spin a few laps on a US motocross track. A few weeks later, through some careful planning, we met a few motorcross enthusiasts who soon became some of our best friends. During this first trip, in our youthful enthusiasm, we decided we would do this every year. I have been planning these trips for several years now and each year the adventure becomes bigger, the trips more memorable, and we have gotten to know more and more people with common interests. That’s how you make your dreams reality – through the people you know and the friends you make.</div>
It is my goal to help other people realize their individual dirt dreams. Dirtdreams LLC offers a set of basic packages, explained in detail on this website. The packages are a summary of our possibilities and are directed towards people who would enjoy spending their vacation on two wheels. If you are looking for a custom package tailored to your wishes, feel free to contact us and we will gladly create a personalize package or give you suggestions, even if you don’t use our services!

We are not a riding school and we do not train people up to the next level. However, we do offer something that is unique for the off road enthusiast  – a customized vacation on two wheels with unmatched riding possibilities. It is our goal to provide you with an unforgettable vacation experience, and we plan to deliver.

Get more info on our philosophy on the rules page, where you can read about our way of working and what we stand for.  Contact us with any questions or customizations.  We will be glad to help you out, whatever travel plans you are making.

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