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Tour of Utah

Mix the fun and beauty Salt Lake City has to offer with a short trip to possibly the most beautiful riding area on the planet, Moab. Moab is the world capital for everything that is outdoor activities, mountain biking, off road, Jeep tours, climbing, kayaking, you name it. It is also the home of multiple national parks, good food, and an amusing laid back mentality. Check out more about Moab in this blog article.

Day 1 - Discovery Enduro

Get to know your guide, your bike, the area, and head out to the desert for a short enduro ride. Three hours of riding should get you going in one of Utah's many desert riding zones such as Five Mile Pass.



Day 2 - Mountain Trail Enduro

We discovered the desert on day one, now lets get a bit more technical in the high, green Wasatch mountains. Be sure to take a backpack, Gopro, and a camera, you are going to want to remember this!


Day 3 - The Motocross Track The real deal! We will load up the trailer, pack food, drinks, and snacks, and head out to our favorite motocross track. Spin laps with your buddies, or simply try to improve your own lap times on an American motocross track. If you want to conquer the pro track, be sure you've been working on those Supercross skills!
Day 4 - MTB Bike Park or Cross Country Let's leave the bikes in the shop for a day and head out on two wheels without the engine. The motocross enthusiast will love the mountain bike park. Ride up the lift and cruise down the different courses like a pro. The more avid cycler may prefer riding on one of our many mountain loops, or taking the shuttle to the top of the mountain and riding back down into the valley: all off road, all single track, and mostly downhill. In the evening we will drive down to Moab (4 hours), where we will camp in the Dirtdreams LLC trailer for two days, or if you prefer you can stay in a hotel.
Day 5 - Moab MTB

Get up early and take the shuttle to Slickrock or Porcupine trail. These mostly downhill rides are unique and amongst the best rides and views in the world. Make sure to take your backpack, so you have space to put in your snacks and camera, because it is a three hour ride down the mountain.

The most memorable snack break of your life.

Afterwards you'll be rewarded with great food, and we can recap the highlights of the day over and over again by the campfire.

Day 6 - Moab Enduro

We rode mountain bikes yesterday, so today we will make a big tour with our bikes. It will be a full day of riding with a nice lunch break to gain some energy and then back to riding. Again, make sure to bring your camera and GoPro so you can capture these moments.



Day 7 - Salt Lake Hikes

If you wish, we can spend an extra day riding, but why not discover some of Salt Lake City's beauty by hiking all the way up to the top of Mount Olympus. If you're really into a challenge, I suggest you check out the hike called "Devils Landing".


If you want to continue your vacation, you can leave Moab and head to Zion National Park or even Las Vegas.

As with every one of our programs, the proposed program is just a template that can be customized to your wishes. We have bikes and motorcycles for all levels and ages so consider inviting the whole family.

Our prices include clean bikes every day, transportation to ride sites, track fees, maintenance, food, drinks, and snacks.  Get more info on our philosophy on the rules page, where you can read about our way of working and what we stand for.  Contact us with any questions or customizations.  We will be glad to help you out, whatever travel plans you are making.

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