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One day visit

Not everybody has the time to spend seven days of vacation riding dirt bikes and mountain biking. Because Dirtdreams LLC is located in the western part of the US we are also a perfect fit for people just passing by looking for a quick ride during their US vacation. Our 1 or 2 day packages are an action packed quick fix for all you two wheel enthusiasts and their families out there!  We make it work, and you'll leave wishing you had an extra day!

Day 1 - Discovery Cycle & Enduro

As with every activity, you have to warm up and get your heart pumping.  To do this, we will head out to one of our favourite mountain bike loops in the morning.  You can count on a 2 hour ride to get the day started, some world class trails with great views, decent climbs and a fun downhill as a reward for the effort.


A little something to warm up

After a good meal we head to the mountains to explore with the dirt bikes.  Another 2 to 3 hour ride where we have a multitude of trails available for every skill level.  You are our guests for the day, we take care of everything.


As with every one of our programs, the proposed program is just a template that can be customized to your wishes. We have bikes and motorcycles for all levels and ages so consider inviting the whole family.

Our prices include clean bikes every day, transportation to ride sites, track fees, maintenance, food, drinks, and snacks.  Get more info on our philosophy on the rules page, where you can read about our way of working and what we stand for.  Contact us with any questions or customizations.  We will be glad to help you out, whatever travel plans you are making.

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