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Dirtdreams LLC originally started out as a blog. After travelling to the US multiple times per year, with great friends or on my own, I decided to make the big move and experience living over here.  I fell in love and quickly knew I was going to remain in the US. So, I started blogging about my dirt riding adventures partly as a way to keep in touch with my friends back home, and partly to to make them jealous of my new adventures. I quickly learned that it does not matter if you are into pure motocross riding, racing enduro, or coming down the mountain on your mountain bike, typically for people who don’t live here the American dirtdream is very much alive.

People sometimes take sports too seriously. When you practicing a sport as a hobby you want to do your best and prepare to the best of your ability. But even more than that, it’s about having fun, and being able to participate in these type of events again next week, the week after, for as long as you are physically able.  That is what we intend to do during your two-wheeled vacation – being serious about having fun.  I believe you can see this in the packages we provide and reading the articles I have posted.

Sports or activities such as motocross and mountain biking are not only for the elite few or for the professional athlete. These sports can be for everyone as long as one is respectful towards the equipment, colleagues on and around the track, the environment, and ourselves while we do it.  This way, you will be able to remember unforgettable moments for a lifetime.

Our packages are mainly geared towards groups of friends planning a vacation of a lifetime.  I will be your personal guide during that vacation, making sure you have everything you were hoping for.  I hope to become one of your friends, someone you want to go ride with and have a great time.

Davy Vanderheyden for Dirtdreams LLC

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