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Our goal is give people an active vacation they will never forget and we try to provide this for every guest. As mentioned on multiple occasions, it's about riding - the purity of the sport. Therefore, our packages are examples of how you can spend your time with us. To help everyone start off with the same mind set and ensure everyone has an extraordinary time we have the following guidelines-

  • We do not have 10 brand new motorcycles in our workshop.  What we do have is a mix of motorcycles that are expertly maintained and ready to ride.  We prefer to have a mix of bikes that are well maintained, instead of 10 new bikes every year that we let go to waist. One of our great bikes is a Honda XR400, which we call 'The Tractor'.  This bike is not for the motocross track, but a great bike to take on enduro trails.  We also have a 2008 Yamaha YZ250, 2012 Husaberg TE300, 2015 Husqvarna FE450, etc.  As you can see we have a wide variety of options. If we go out as a group we take the different bikes and have fun with them, switching every so often. We have learned the purity of the sport if ,ore important than the way we look. Heck, you might just end up on our 1986 CR500...
  • Our prices include bikes (motorcycles and mountain bike), maintenance, parts, gas, transportation to the trails and tracks, food and drinks while riding.
  • Our prices include all parts on the bikes. There is no hidden charges, we do not ask for a warranty, and we do not ask for an additional deposit on the bike.  We believe our bikes are well maintained and will endure your riding at any skill level.  If you crash you may have to finish the ride with a bent bar, but we've got you covered and the bike will have new bars as soon as it arrives at the trailer or the workshop. If we see people riding without respect for the equipment, we will ask them to pay more attention.  If we see people struggle on a certain bike, we will provide them a bike that better fits their skill level. However if we do see continuous disrespect for the equipment or disregard for personal or other's safety we do reserve the right to refuse further riding.
  • We do not include race fees or personal insurance. However, we do require you to obtain your own personal insurance for riding. Currently we do not include accommodation except for the DirtDreams LLC camper, but we are working towards creating a full B&B experience in the future. However, we do have contacts for house and hotel rentals and are happy to help with finding and booking accommodations.
  • We are lucky and very fortunate to be able to ride in more open space than you likely have ever seen. In this area, riding is allowed and even welcomed. We want to keep it this way, by respecting the areas where we ride. We show respect by packing out what we bring in, staying on designated trails, and not destroying animal and plant's natural habitats. If we tell you not to go in a certain area, there is a good reason for this and we expect you to follow these guidelines. We also expect you to not throw your tear offs, plastic bottles, or PowerBar wrappers on the ground. Instead take them home in your provided backpack and throw them in the trash. Dirtdreams LLC is not about taking kids on a school trip, it's about showing adults a great time.

We welcome everyone to enjoy what we have to offer, but if you cannot abide by these very logical considerations please go and enjoy a different vacation.

If you have any questions regarding our packages, please feel free to contact us. If you are on vacation in the Utah area and simply need some friendly advice please email us and we will be glad to help out!

Thank you!

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