Hit the ground – and get back up

I believe we all have those moments on the bike where we go: “Woow, that almost went bad right there”.  That moment where you’re so glad you just saved what could have been a bad fall.  From time to time, that “Woow” moment doesn’t come up, and you just hit the ground, it’s unfortunate that it’s part of this sport, but it happens to all of us at whatever level we ride.

Had one of those yesterday.  Most of the people ask me if I fell on a jump or something like that, but that isn’t usually the case as I don’t really try to make a jump unless if I’m 100% sure I can make it.  At that point, I still wait and doubt a bit, after which I end up doing it and it doesn’t seem to be a problem at all.  Don’t get me wrong, I jump almost all stuff on the local motocross track, but I don’t look to have a Chad Reed moment having to unmount the bike mid air, so I’m methodical about it.

So, nope, not a big jump that I misjudged, it was a simple turn.  A nice and smooth bowl turn, I was trying to break a sweat and put in some good laps.  You know, after a week of bad meetings at work and some bad diet choices, you have to make up for it somewhere…  The only thing that went wrong, is my front wheel catching a bump coming out of the turn and going sideways while my rear Dunlop MX 32 just grabbed a handful of traction.  The result, the bike swapping from right to left, to the right side again and throwing me over, smacking my head and ribs into the ground, kinda like a bucking horse throwing you off.


It’s so easy!

The bike is fine, she had a bit of sand covering my Scott Double D Grips and clutch lever, but no scratches or dents and my Factory Effex look stuck on perfectly during this badly improvised sanding session.  Me, I’m fine as well, I just got the wind knocked out of me for a bit and will be sore for a day or 2.  It’s just strange how sometimes you have to take a knock, just to learn what it is again to get back up and get going again.  As I did, I did one more lap before taking a short water break, cleaned my EksBrands and my factory helmet, and went out for an extra 20 minute moto afterwards.  The river track at 3 Palms is a track I really like, it has a bit of everything, sandy turns, technical sections and some nice jumps to build up your confidence.  It’s not the back and forth track with a bunch of jumps on the straights.  So I went back at it, try to find a good pace and put in some solid laps.  I still had to break a sweat and train off that pizza I had the day before.

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